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  • in RPA, UiPath

    RPA – UiPath: Working with Excel

    In this blog post we will talk about working with Excel files in one of the top RPA tools: UiPath. As we know Robotic process automation (RPA) is the practice of automating routine business practices with “software robots” that perform tasks automatically. These tasks include transaction processing, IT management and automated online as...
  • in Cloud, Decision Center, Docker, Rule Designer, Rule Execution Server (RES)

    ODM on Docker!

    If you are a DevOps enthusiast like me you probably love Docker and have been using it for a while. If you are new to Docker, please check this link to learn more. IBM released an IBM ODM Docker image designed for developers and free to use, in this tutorial we are going to set...
  • in RPA, Rule Execution Server (RES), UiPath

    RPA: UiPath and ODM integration

    In this technical tutorial we will have a look at the integration between RPA UiPath and IBM ODM. As we know ODM provides a decision server that the business can use to express rules while UiPath provides RPA to automate tasks, normally manual processes that uses repetitive tasks like data entry, making this integration a perfect...
  • in Ant Tasks, Decision Table, Java, Rule Authoring, Rule Designer

    Populating Decision Tables with external data sources

    One of the most used artifacts in IBM ODM is the decision table. In this post I will show how to populate your Decision Table in the Rule Designer with external data sources like a .txt file or an excel spreadsheet. Business users can have their logic in multiple sources (mostly in Excel files), that they need to...
  • in Bluemix, Cloud, Rule Authoring, Rule Designer

    Decision Composer, integration with Rule Designer

    In this post I will show a new way to start your Rule Projects, using a new IBM Bluemix Business Rules service feature called “Decision Composer”. This is currently in experimental mode but you can start to fully utilize its main features and see if it helps you in your organization. The decision composer is a...
  • in Debug, Decision Center, Decision Table, Java, ODM API, Rule Designer

    Connecting to external Database with ODM API

    The IBM ODM Decision Center and the Rule Execution Server values are stored, by default, in a Derby database that comes with the IBM ODM suite installation. During a rules development project we sometimes need to access these values and insert them on an external database or update this external database accordingly. In this post I...
  • in Decision Center, Java, ODM API, Rule Authoring, Rule Designer

    Custom log file with ODM API

    Given the positive feedback from previous post we will continue to work further on with the ODM API and discover new possibilities and features to implement in our Rule projects. In this tutorial we will see how to create a custom log file, focusing on obtaining the values from Deployments of Decision Services within the...
  • in Decision Center, ODM API, Rule Designer

    Working with the Decision Center API

    In many IBM ODM rules implementation projects we are going to have requirements that involve working with the IBM ODM API. Even though the Decision Center has a lot of powerful features to customize our rules, there are some things that can only be achieve by working with the API, this means we will have...